There are many species nike dunk. The most vivid is: nike dunk low, nike dunk high, and of course skate collection nike dunk sb also has high and low models and something in between – Nike Dunk Mid Sb. And only then based on these basic models appear creations of designers in various cartoons, Comics and all that vzbredet in the head. Nike Dunk appeared in 1985. Originally they were an alternative to basketball sneaker, they were easy and comfortable to play. After years of stop production and company Nike has decided to reconsider old models Nike Dunk (Nike dunk) in 1998. This proved very successful solution. Nike began with classic colors and models dunk high dunk low.

Soon the company Nike asked the street artists, designers, as well as athletes to cooperate and create more bright model nike dunk. To support skateboarding in early 2000, Nike released a Dunk sb. In the Nike Dunk sb appeared booster Nike Air on the insole and extra-packed language. These changes provide additional convenience and durability, and are specifically designed for skateboarders. They like the Nike Dunk has a decent amount of collectible releases. Nike Air Yeezy by Kanye West famous hip-hop artist Kanye West, long threatened to enter the world of fashion, finally realized his intention.

He has created several pieces for the brand Louis Vuitton, presenting them at the Paris fashion week (Paris Fashion Week), and in conjunction with Nike designer Mark Smith presented to the public a new line of sneakers nike air yeezy – high Dunk mix of geometry and Air geometry. The first batch of Nike Air Yeezy has gone on sale in the United States April 4, 2009. When will Russia do not know. The price of these versions of the most expensive and quality materials of sneakers will start from $ 250 dollars in America, respectively, in Russia at the dealers price may increase by several times. However, our online store. Nikeshoes. Ru invites you to order them now at a price no more than 7000 rubles. Nike Air Jordan Shoes Nike Air Jordan, better known as simple Jordan – is the best for the game of basketball at the moment. Air Jordan model was developed and approved by a professional basketball player named Michael Jordan in 1984. Nike Air Jordan sneakers are made up of very high quality and better material, which can only be used to create these sneakers.