One years ago only had the ability to connect to the internet from a crowded booth or the compus in my school. Then he could not have imagined that there would be a mobile device capable of transporting us to the web world and much less that it added to its functions of a mobile phone and music player at a time. Today we know that this is possible and the gadget that best meets these characteristics is the iPhone. The product Apple star brings together in a single unit to the mobile phone, an iPodTouch (which is handled in a tactile way) and navigation web if it were a PC and are increasingly people who enjoy its benefits of mobile entertainment and communication. Of course, in the world of technology everything evolves quickly and as well as in a home we amazed us with the first generation of iPhones, this year the Apple company has prepared a version five times more modern and impressive. Although Apple is concentrated on maintaining the pace of production of the 4 GSM iPhone and iPhone 4 CDMA, according to tec rumors the launch of the iPhone 5 is scheduled for June 2011 at The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC Developer Conference. The fifth generation iPhone would be completely different from the models that are currently available. As there is still an aura of mystery about their characteristics, speculation that sound with more force are as follows: the Retina Display that has the iPhone 4 will also be one of the main components of the iPhone 5.

It will feature new processor: the A5. This will include two dual-core ARM Cortex A9 working at over 1 GHz and chipset PowerVR SGX to control the graphics with 40% more creativity. You will need a new Qualcomm GSM/CDMA dual module and new hardware Near Field Communications (NFC), which facilitates the exchange of data between devices to less than 10 centimeters. It should be noted that manufacturers would be working in three prototypes for iPhone 5, including a model with drop-down physical keyboard. In all cases the terminals will work with a processor A5, whose characteristics still not have proved to be best of the A4 processor.Similarly, there is nothing said about the use of an integrated SIM module inside the phone, since the mobile operators are still reluctant to joining. We will know all the answers in mid year.