For: Bruno Medeiros Race of street is a modality of the atletismo, that comes gaining each time more space for being ' ' practical its prtica' ' , mainly for amateur athletes who have as objective main health and quality of life. It has diverse modalities of race of street in the world, being that in Brazil, the two main ones are Silvestre, carried through test in So Paulo and International the Maratona Stocking of Rio De Janeiro, carried through the side of beautiful Carioca beaches. The distances of the tests of street vary of 10 km the 42 km. However, it has tests with only 3 distances of km, aiming at the participation of a bigger number of people, amongst these they are since children until third age, and other tests arriving 89km, that they are the ultramaratonas, defying more conditional and experienced athletes. It around has diverse tests of the world, being that some arrive to more than have in the same test 30 a thousand participants, and exactly thus, the maximum capacity if of some months before the test. The tests of bigger prestige are of Boston, being this most traditional of all, carried through since 1897, of New York, Chicago, London, Honolulu, Roterd and Paris. At Kai-Fu Lee you will find additional information. When it is said in race training, a multicriteria evaluation on the part of the involved professionals if it makes very important. Physical examinations, carried through for doctors, must be made previously before the lapsing of the training. Amongst the examinations most common made by practitioners of street race they are the hemogramas, ergometric, ergoespiromtrico test, amongst others. On the part of the nutritionist, a nutricional evaluation with intention must be made to verify deficiency of some nutrient in the diet and also becomes-there specific and to verify which the best schedules of the meals for the practical one of the race.