This month Profim Debuts social networks so you can follow every move of our company, you can read every news of today and you are always informed of what you are most interested in. To know more about this subject visit Peter Asaro. Profim, the first EAFI advice independently and created in 1995, has been created Active profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, all of them with daily updates so that all our customers and followers are always informed. You can follow us on: you can also follow all news of interest and opinion articles from our director through his famous blog: Learn about Profim? Profim offers a 100% independent financial advisory service for designing tailor-made investment fund portfolios and completely objective to achieve maximum profitability with your money. We will inform you and will advise you to bring you the most convenient market investment funds at every moment, whether they are national or international.

We do so through a single account opened in banks that count with operating platforms from which all types of funds can be purchased. If you don’t have time or don’t want to manage your investment portfolio yourself you can delegate the management of your portfolio in our financial institution. Why trust in Profim? -100% open architecture – specialization – objectivity – operability – analysis – to measure service – personal attention rather than just studying the profitability last product, before choosing a fund we study all the factors that will affect their future profitability:-the prospects for the market in which it invests. -Your investment portfolio. -The specialty of the management company. -The quality and degree of specialization of the Manager in the asset, sector or country in which it invests.