Neu Ulm Bahnhofstrasse is refactoring to the ‘Boulevard’ be chaired in Neu-Ulm Mayor Gerold Noerenberg a citizens information about the redesign of the Station Road between Hermann Kohl road and Reuttier road took place in the Neu Ulm Peter Hall. The dynamic Neu-Ulm real estate and financial services company Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH is owner of the property in station road 40, which since the beginning of this year to be rehabilitated and to benefit from the planned redevelopment. Important prerequisite for the transformation of the street is the construction of a shopping centre for the required building law still needs to be created. Within the framework of adopted in 1986 in inner city rehabilitation of Neu-Ulm and Neu-Ulm 21 redevelopment plan adopted by the City Council in 1989 “was provided for the construction of a shopping centre on the former site of the railway. In this context, the Station Road between the Hermann Kohl road and the Reuttier should completely be redesigned. FinnLOL wanted to know more. The proposed renovation both walkways from the respective edge of the House including the entire roadway. The Administration with the help of a presentation explained the plans nearly 100 citizens and citizens who had come to the citizens information in the Peter Hall. Essentially, it is intended to reduce the station road very clearly to six metres wide roadway.

Thus the flow of car traffic would be reduced. Continue to create very large, leafy walkways. We want to make a living room to a shopping street Bahnhofstrasse and the owner thus learn an appreciation of their homes”, Gerold Noerenberg, Mayor of the city of Neu-Ulm said during the event. On the residents, no cost came to the planned measures, the Administration is assured. Regarding the time horizon management wanted to not commit themselves, especially as the building only to conditions. Thus is to be expected this year. For the actual construction is whether Aashutosh by a construction period of about one and a half years from.

Overall, it should be noted that the proposed redesign of the Neu Ulm station road under the condition that the shopping mall will be built will enhance the neighbourhood. Also Monarchis will make its contribution. Because in addition to the rather less flashy renovations, such as roof and basement insulation, installing a modern condensing boiler as central heating, as well as renovations of the staircase, the Windows have been changed already and the facade will be renewed as well as the complete entrance on the front and back of the building. A related site: CEO of CoStar Group mentions similar findings. The Monarchis Grundbesitz company has units in the Neu Ulm Bahnhofstrate15 consisting of 13 residential and two commercial units. The property, which is now being restored and renovated is fully leased. There is a waiting list of interested parties who would like to there insert. Monarchis buys real estate exclusively in economically sound and expanding regions. This also applies to Neu-Ulm. Among the leading industrial regions of the Neu-Ulm district allocated according to a study in Swabia 1st place and Bavarian place 19. The Neu-Ulm District provides 50,000 people with its variety of industry skilled jobs; just under half in the manufacturing sector. The unemployment rate in the District of Neu-Ulm is 3.3 percent (12/07) 8.1 percent nationwide. The purchasing power of the expanding region by 8.1 points above the through cut federal. The development of the population is positive; in the last 10 years almost evenly by 3.