How to build a solid network for your MLM business. Is there really a secret that will allow you to build your network of business in Network Marketing? I don’t honestly believe in secrets, I think much more in learning and action, but seeing the reality, it would seem that if there is. Most of the 97% of people who enter in the industry of Network Marketing or multilevel fails shortly after completing one year in it, many do even before the year. So we can only that 3% of people who succeed in Network Marketing. This certainly seems a proof that there is something that escapes most people. Then, what is the secret to build a solid business network? We will see it more carefully. When you join a MLM business, the first thing they say is that you should make a list of everyone you know and start talking with all of them.

This is correct to a certain extent. Because you let’s we begin to practice how to present your business and your products and/or services opportunity, but also what it feels to be you when rejected prospect after prospect. Some of your friends might be interested in what you are presenting them, but the vast majority actually expected you fracases or your success before joining that opportunity you present them. In fact this is not what do people who are part of that 3% which if successful. None of them is presenting your business opportunity to your friends, relatives, neighbours, etc.

They know it won’t be productive. None of them are actually selling their products or services. So, how are their businesses at an alarming rate growing? The secret is that they don’t persecute people, the people chasing them to them! This is a recurring theme in all Networkers with success. This is the first part of his secret in Networker Marketing.