Faov online system is an option for all those people who work on their own and want to make their contributions to the mandatory savings fund to gain access to credit for housing, to comply with the requirement set out in the housing policy law. To make the record in the faov online, the interested party must access carry the National Housing Bank and Habitat (Banavih) Internet and register providing data that prompts the internet portal of the savings fund for housing, such as personal data, address, phone, e-mail, occupation, level of education, amount of what perceived monthly, etc. For online membership in the faov system, the applicant must select the option register. Then the faov online, shows you a screen should be placed where the date of birth and his record of Fiscal identification (RIF). Once placed this information in the faov, a form of membership in the faov will be displayed in line, which should be supplemented by details that required the portal, such as: data from the employer: are the data of the voluntary ahorrista. Fiscal domicile amount of monthly income that perceives the faov online system assigns a user name automatically and the person concerned should be placed a key which must be of a length between six and eight digit alphanumeric, in order to then access faov online system.

Once these steps at the faov online, the system will give you a message saying that the membership has been successful. To issue the form of payment in the system of faov online, proceed to press the Home option, to enter the system of faov with your user and password data. The faov online has several modules which can access the voluntary ahorrista: update data proof of affiliation charge payroll payment statement payments inquiry form. After the first fifteen days of each month, the voluntary ahorrista may access to the faov online and emit the form of payment of the mandatory savings fund. The payment will be carried out in the first five working days of each month. Faov online system calculates three percent on the monthly income of the voluntary contributor, which is stamped on the form which must be issued in triplicate and submitted to the financial operator to make the contribution to the mandatory savings fund. After twelve months enrolled in the faov online, the interested party may request credit for housing, since one of the requirements demanded by the housing policy Act for access to credit for housing, it is the having twelve quote to the mandatory savings fund, consecutive or not, and being active in the faov online, at the time of the application for the mortgage loan with the resources of the housing policy.