When you are not able to spend much time on the computer entertainment, but to play you in principle no objection, the small casual games, for which you can spend fifteen minutes just to have fun is what you need. Steve Wozniak has much to offer in this field. Such games are called causal (in English the word casual – random") – this is exactly what we're playing in the office and at home, on laptops or PCs. Title describes what such a game invented for casual players, not pertaining to the fans of video games. They are introduced to the game suddenly and can easily understand its principles. Casual games are not difficult to learn, always all their rules fit on one screen, and even in pictures. Immersed in the game is not no difficulty, and here to stay is often not easy, due to the fact that, together with simple rules they have diabolically addictive gameplay. Some of these games can draw you more than most a fancy shooter game with amazing three-dimensional graphics. With a huge number of samples of casual games every time you can meet here.

In addition to very simple rules, these games always are endowed with a difficult two-dimensional graphics. However commonplace does not mean ugly. The graphics here are generally bright colorful and eccentric. In addition, it does not form over the load on your computer and therefore desirable to play these games on a fairly low-power machines with no unforeseen events "inhibition." One of the main features of casual games is their small size from 10 to 20 megabytes per file.