Mobile phone tracking is a useful service, if a mobile phone is lost who not happened yet? You can’t find his cell phone and is not sure whether manes has lost, or whether it was stolen. In such a case will help a mobile location. Mobile phone tracking is used to describe a service, the current whereabouts of the suitable mobile phone provides. In recent years, many vendors at the market have emerged, offering mobile phone tracking. On the one hand, there are professional, GPS-based solutions, which are used mainly in the fleet management of freight forwarders. On the other hand more and more providers are finding, providing a mobile location based mobile wireless cell, in which the phone is just. This alternative has the advantage that the device must have no additional features or receiver. In addition, this form of mobile phone tracking is very inexpensive.

Even now, there are service providers who offer a free mobile phone tracking. To prevent abuse, is to sign up for such a service sent a SMS to your own cell phone containing an activation code. Thus, you must have dad device at the time of registration. It is not enough therefore, to choose a service, if the mobile phone is already gone. To the actual location, almost all mobile location services sent a SMS to the device, so that it is not possible to a secret location without knowledge of the detected. Usually a map is represented as a result that shows the location of the cell phone. The accuracy of the location depends on the size of the respective mobile phone cell. In any case it is for works not as accurate as a GPS-based location, they also, when is the device in an area with no reception the provider in any case know in which cell the phone was most recently active.