?? Today I was working on the blog and wanted a couple of rules to be more organized and tidy when developing this MLM business and I realized that there are many aspects, as we are new, not presented to us in the best way. To make realistic always had problems when starting the work, especially the first days at GTC I spent did not know what to do, or how to do it and that took me to waste time. And as he didn’t that make me failing I dedicated myself to perfect a work order. The first obstacle that makes failing an affiliate is the loss of time. After spending an hour listening to courses and tips from my sponsor, decided to create a box with rules and schedules established according to the working time I have for my MLM business (in my case work 10 hours per day).

And me is also very useful to carry a box with every day since the first, this helps me much to know how long I’ve been in GTC and to combine with the work schedule, so I can distribute tasks more visually and not lose myself in nothing. To these two elements from what remains to be done is distribute activities, schedule per week, establish a link between an hour and a task, thus would organized all the activities in their respective schedules and interesting thing serious comply with his work on the agreed schedule, so is how to work efficiently for not wasting time. The second obstacle that makes failing an affiliate is the implementation of strategies in the own business well is, in fact, the idea of being organized is precisely that you can work more comfortably and is time for reading, training is vital in this MLM business and if not reads the news from the company or last marketing strategies and e-booksYou will not have success and frustration will abandon and miss out on this unique opportunity.