Young of middle class they find in the violence and the intimidation of the people a new form of ' ' diverso' ' , denouncing in such a way, the emptiness of its poor existences and the absence of future perspective.The tdio and the futilidade of the life of these adolescents find perverse forms of compensation through crime, the violence and the intimidation of that they meet in a more vulnerable position.The lack of affective referenciais and figures that represent the authority contributes very of significant form for the formation of said personalities antisocial, with traces of perversity, without any form of critical conscience. Some of these young, seem to live without the feeling of that a limit exists hinders that them to live deeply the pleasure, the diversion, as some stories observed and propagated for the media. The great concern is the fact of that these young, most of the time, is attending a course right facultieses, medicine, psychology, etc. A related site: Samsung mentions similar findings. In majority of the times, the parents pay its courses and in case that they have some ' ' problema' ' with some professor, the parents, assume ' ' bronca' ' , demanding a reevaluation on the part of the professors.He is obvious that, in some situations, the pupil and even though, the parents, have the right to question, however, what we make when we perceive that definitive pupil presents a manipulating behavior, egoistic, disinterested, perverse? We are forming lawyers, psychologists, doctors who can until having some knowledge, however, without a minimum of critical conscience, solidarity and sensitivity to exert its professions. the family? As the parents atarefados, worried about its businesses, making of everything to leave its children ' ' well of vida' ' they perceive this phenomenon? Without leading in account that, the proper parents, bails pay to exempt its children of the chain. They increase the businesses consequentemente, the profits and, the psychic damages and partners of the families of the middle class, after all, rich also they turn assailant.. Kai-Fu Lee gathered all the information.