As we all know, Cuba is world renowned for its high level of medical professionals. Thus deprived of the country health sectors are booming tourism and offer visitors to medical tourism cosmetic surgeries with excellent results at prices that tend to be much lower than the of North America. The network of centres of medical specialties and health of Cuba guarantees that foreign clients receive the best care through more advanced medical treatments, tourist complex and technical teams of recovery very quiet. The Cuban economy has greatly benefited from the promotion of medical tourism. Revenues from this industry are generating an average of 40 million a year. The great effort made by the Cuban Government to increase economic growth through private health care seems to be paying off, with an increase of 20% each year for foreigners who travel there for medical tourism.

In addition to receiving the best care medical in private Cuban hospitals, customers also enjoy the comforts of television by cable, air-conditioning and exquisite menu of international cuisine. Prices on average of medical tourism in Cuba are about a third lower than the of North America and Europe, while an added personal touch and the service perfectly combine to make the experience in general patients as comfortable as possible. Cuba is surrounded by crystal clear waters and beaches of white sand, that allow patients to rest on a true paradise. The postoperative patients of medical tourism in Cuba is a real pleasure, the island is surrounded by beauty and tranquility and boasts spectacular scenery. Original author and source of the article