Object-relational client / Serverbasiertes framework with know how MASHUCAN’s innovative developer platform introduces developer platform for software architects and programmers to realize individual, complex, database-based software systems. Systems in information technology are exposed to constant changes, developments and restructuring. IT solutions should exist promptly. Meanwhile, a variety of tools and technologies was created to facilitate and optimize the software development. Want to solve a problem, already finished software components are available.

Such components are often oversized to specific problems. Also they consume one to the actual technical problem royalty such as administratively costly. As a result move increasingly managerial and organizational aspects for the configuration and management of the systems in the foreground. A framework was created with MASHUCAN Basic, that streamlines the data modeling and implementing business processes. Technical insight MASHUCAN Basic is an object-relational, client / server-based framework for programmers to create customer-specific software. It has been realized considering, object-oriented, scientific standards. It incorporates the following aspects: relational database Datenversionierung object orientation including inheritance multi-user capability security client/server architecture GUI user interfaces it provides solutions to the: efficiently manage of large amounts of data, modelling of complex data structures and realization of process workflow. MASHUCAN basic developed elegant and slender in proven standard technologies.

As an innovation, the concept of scope was implemented by MASHUCAN. The need for computing power and storage space is low. Included are: API interface for the connection of different third-party software systems, use of any SQL based databases, authorization and locking concepts, important aspects of information processing, such as generics, persistence, Objektrelationalitat, object hierarchy, multi-user capability versioning by data. Download of a trial version: mashucan.com/de/download.html IT to success with MASHUCAN Basic is a ready to use, solid base available to our customers. The process modeling is fully in the hands of the companies. Professional support by MASHUCAN is guaranteed. About MASHUCAN MASHUCAN is a german-Israeli company of information technology. For over 10 years, we develop individual and efficient solutions for large and medium-sized enterprises.