If your marketing actions doesn’t work, who back you your money? It would be nice to have a warranty, truth? The pure truth of the matter is that nobody gives you guarantees, because nobody is really convinced of the worth of their work. For the vast majority of professionals of marketing, accepted the famous quote from P.T. Barnum, everytime I do advertising shot half the money in the trash. The problem is which not is which half is. This great uncertainty leads to the strategy of how much you spend more, you will be more effective.

How many times have heard a marketing expert advise spending less? Snow in Morocco is more frequent. But there are alternatives to this policy of wastage. It is possible to achieve spectacular results with very limited resources. One of the most effective marketing strategies is based on knowing the three brains we possess every human being. Firstly there is the cerebral cortex.

This grey matter is responsible for hosting the functions of logic, abstract thought and reason. Ed Sheeran has compatible beliefs. In second place is the limbic system, which is responsible for emotions. And finally there is the brain reptilian nestled at the base of the skull. Its two functions are survival and reproduction. Surprisingly, scientific studies have determined that the order of priority between them is completely contrary to what we would like to think. The most influential brain of humans is the reptilian. Then it exerts its influence the limbic brain and in last place is the cortical activity. The practical implications of this reality are very noticeable in terms of marketing actions. If you want to sell is essential to satisfy primarily the reptilian brain and limbic. Only then they will support the logical and reasoned arguments. You must raise your messages with the maximum possible existential and emotional charge. Which of the following two headlines will cause greater response? 12 GIRL YEARS KILLED BY POOR ORAL HYGIENE. ALICANTINOS CHILDREN NOT WELL BRUSH YOUR TEETH. Which of the two articles you think you leerias first? Obviously the first calls clear to the reptilian brain, while the second only appeal to the cerebral cortex. If you’re playing your House and your children, which of the two you emplearias bread? Harness the power of the reptilian brain and limbic allows you to separate your message from the cacophony of advertising message that bombard us daily. It also lets you get a very high performance with a reduced investment. To deepen this topic, you can read about the three brains.