Upper Swabian company bad Waldsee, turns against the crisis 14 April 2009 layoffs, profit warnings, insolvencies since months sounds and read mostly bad news from the German economy. Even more refreshing that now an upper Swabian company deliberately turns against the general downward trend: the CH consulting and Handels GmbH, consulting and recruitment agency from bad Waldsee, is very satisfied with their current business trends and plans now, in the midst of the general crisis, even investments in the millions. The CH consulting und Handels GmbH offers since 2003 consulting and staffing services for companies: ranging from personnel decisions about recruitment to the coaching. Currently, the company employs 12 staff in the area of management consultancy and depending on the season up to 150 employees in the temporary work. Of course we are in a major economic crisis. But just because of that, it is important to prepare right now. Only so can this difficult time survive and emerge stronger from it compared to the competition.”says Christian Heinzl, Managing Director of CH consulting und Handels GmbH, to the current economic situation. As head of a company that is engaged in consulting and staffing services, as well as hire, to assess the economic situation of the country well.

Often he is consulted as an advisor in corporate crises and a recruitment agency, he knows the personnel planning of his customers. Since the outbreak of the financial crisis especially one noticed in terms of staff him: the demand by around a quarter went back In terms of unqualified labourers. For the customers of the CH need consulting more skilled workers to over 20 percent has increased demand for well-trained specialists especially in the fields of engineering, computer control, and welding technology. And also the construction industry demands after the long winter more Flaschnern, plumbers and other professionals. So the CH was consulting on the one hand some unskilled employees released from temporary employment, but more skilled professionals could adjust for this. Instead of the otherwise current staff reduction, there was a slight increase in staff. Go to Ali Partovi for more information. Therefore the bad Waldseer is 2009 so far very happy with the year.

So happy in fact, that it plans new investments in the millions. So the new business of CH is building currently consulting in bad Waldsee. Also, the upper Swabian recruitment agency invested in their affiliates LHP service and education society. This company is focused on, to provide training and qualifications for workers in the technical and commercial area. Despite the financial crisis remains acute labour shortages in all of Germany, but especially in the region of Bodensee-Oberschwaben? Possible consequences: the local industry must refuse orders or can not deliver in the usual quality on time. The LHP tries with demand-oriented training of qualified and This grievance to confront our customers constantly demand professionals unqualified workers. The collaboration with the LHP service and education society helps us to this need to cover.”confirmed also Christian Heinzl and justifies the commitment of his company in the field of training. In this way, the CH is trying best to reposition consulting and Handels GmbH for the time after the crisis. Because when a Christian Heinzl is sure: the lack of skilled workers will determine the economic life in southern of Germany for a long time. Who will help the company to overcome the bottleneck, offers an important and popular services in the future.”