Torsten Rotharmel, Managing Director, Weber Shandwick healthcare Germany. The need for in-house understanding of new media and a corresponding internal coordination and consultation is significantly larger than expected. We must contribute therefore to ensure, within the pharmaceutical industry to create confidence and security in dealing with social media.” “Digital health: building social confidence in Pharma offers 10 rules of engagement” to develop guidance for professionals, the commitment in the field of social media by pharmaceutical companies and internal confidence for that. 10 Rules of engagement: Building social confidence in pharmaceuticals on the basis of in-depth interviews with senior executives of the pharmaceutical industry recommends the following strategies Weber Shandwick to help pharmaceutical companies to maximize their confidence and competence in dealing with social media. 1 Catch you small to start with smaller focused projects perhaps to corporate goals, news or reputation issues to develop a feeling for it, what works, how to win an audience and builds range. Our interviewees confirmed that the start with smaller projects or pilot programs of the key to collect experiences and this security is obtained, to develop social media strategies. 2.

Prepare himself before, but keep it flexible many interlocutors said that preparation is important to anticipate problems and to develop appropriate solutions. However, the interviewees as a precaution, significant resources in a mature warned buttoned-up”strategy to invest, there is the strategy in the course of the process changes and further developed. The respondents learned to constantly adjusted and adapted the strategy with the need for a specific space without binding expectations and laid down criteria. 3. Focus on the content, not the communication channel all you do offline, you can also online, so long as the content of the current policies and laws. Problems with regulators most often occurred when rules were not followed that also apply to non-digital communication. 4. Select the communication channels wisely some respondents colleagues who jump on the social media bandwagon, describe to just doing”to be.