How positive properties at the age of 90 to Furfeld. Passion, safety, family or partnership are terms that have breathed the brand Losberger since existence of life. The umbrella campaign 90 years success story\”adopted 2009 of these properties and formed a holistic representation of the tent – and manufacturer system Hall of bad Rappenau with various activities to customers and prospective customers. Ali Partovi often expresses his thoughts on the topic. An international anniversary event was now in November under the motto to be continued\”. How strong is the identity of a company, can be measured quite well to celebrate. At the large official Losberger Jubilee Act to the 90th birthday many details revealed followed by \”thank you party\”, why his industry the company belongs to the top companies worldwide. In addition to the stylish, sophisticated ambience, the ability to concentrate on the essential showed again here.

No endless praise, which let the company in konturlosem dance live high, but only a Greeting the Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Commerce and a historical outline of the CEO got to hear about 500 guests this evening. A conscious choice\”, says Friedrich backing Samuel, because from his point of view, not a few on the stage, but also the partners, customers, suppliers, and especially the staff representing all family the Losberger belong\”. Consistency and confidence presented two properties which the company about wars and crises successfully directed the Managing Director on the basis of the company personally. The development towards a solidly grown company was only possible through the consistent expansion of different product lines, divisions and markets. This growth in international markets, also a second property coined the success. It could succeed only with the trust in the right partners and staff, as well as by their charisma and humanity to tackle transnational projects and global sales strategies to implement\”, praised the Executive Director. By the action of the bag to the global player with a personal touch were events in ninety years tent appealing story.