Has always been the same taxi – a minibus would never get through. And then, as luck-end of the day and no bus or car to one free taxi. I think I’ll go for a ride – a price almost on a ride though scary but it could be cheaper. In general, the car stopped – brand new, clean foreign car – the checkered. Good luck, I thought, and sat in the front seat (always sit near the driver, I love to watch the road) called address. Sample prices were known to me, enough money for even the most pessimistic ending, so I rode quietly and still have time to look at some eye-edited notebook paper. The driver, seeing my employment muted the radio and in good faith silent.

About a kilometer us “golosnuli” guy with a girl. The driver asked if we could get them on the road – I agreed because I did not care. At the entrance to Kiev a couple of zasobiralas out. The driver called them the price. Which impressed even me. People naturally vzroptal, but paid. And I sat there and tried to figure out approximately how much it will take with me – I lived in the city center.

Situation was comical and intriguing. I silently thought. The driver drove in silence. Coming out of the car, I silently took a purse and it went away in silence …, relish slamming the door …. These are the taxi drivers are – real men.