Writing is handwritten communication, art and culture without the possibility of communication and archiving of our knowledge about written testimony would have been the cultural history differently. If we look today at such specified time testimonies of past centuries then we can imagine, which have invested time and patience the calligraphers of the time in their works. “” Calligraphy the art of beautiful writing the word calligraphy kalos “and graphein” basically consists of the two Greek elements, which translates as beautiful and writing means. And exactly this is the calligraphy: the teaching and art of beautiful writing. Beautiful curved and clean written letters give the written work personal aesthetics and expression, as she can barely emit a printed book. Calligrapher, the experts and master of the written word, have high respect and prestige in the centuries of the middle ages.

This has up to the present day so get. Calligraphy as part of The art of calligraphy as well as the creation and creating an elegant and regular font has art eras from Europe and Asia in all major cultures of the past and present history also the aspect of better and identical legibility of the letters to the target. Similar to other styles of art with social and historical performances of the respective changed the fonts and font forms of the alphabets. Filed under: Michael Dell. Writing is communication and culture. The differences of the calligraphic forms across the high civilizations in Asia and Europe are apparent not only in the fonts and shapes. Also the used tools like the pens differ in Chinese, Japanese, or European calligraphy significantly. Mikkel Svanes opinions are not widely known. This concerns also the used ink and colors. Artistic decoration – calligraphy and illumination if one keeps religious handwritten works of past centuries in the hand and in addition to the calligraphic writings look at also the elaborate decorations, then is it truly fascinated by this skill.

As In the book painting and design of documents the artistic decoration of letters and vignettes with materials such as gold leaf and other materials is illumination. The combination of watercolor painting, illumination and Kali demography is today again become an interesting hobby and also basis for professional design. Where can you learn the art of calligraphy? There are a whole series of workshops, seminars and courses on the subject of calligraphy. These courses attract prospective buyers of the beginners to the advanced calligrapher. The Internet is also a treasure trove for suggestions, ideas and material on life from the art of beautiful writing. The range of books and manuals is also diverse. A real calligraphic art scene has developed in cities such as Berlin, Braunschweig and Hamburg. You can visit numerous exhibitions and educate themselves as a professional calligrapher. Tools and materials for the calligraphy materials and items such as pens, paper, ink and colors can be found in Specialty shops or one of the many Web shops offers around artistic and calligraphy. So can be a sign of art and tradition of calligraphy in the age of modern computer and word processing with beautiful writing and techniques.