Julio Pardo Merelo pregonara the Carnival of Cadiz’s 2011 Laureate author of choirs and composer Cadiz, Julio Pardo Merelo, has been appointed by the Town Council of Cadiz crier of the Carnival 2011. Brown has commented that the appointment is an honour that crazy, without acknowledging if you have a clear idea about your opening speech. In view of its relationship with the professional world of music, can be expected are some artists that have shared with Pardo and his choir records and performances, in the tablao of San Antonio, place where the proclamation is held every year and is very close to our hotel Monte Puertatierra, one of the hotels in Cadiz four star nearest to the beach of Santa Maria of the sea. Pardo July happens to be one of the most important and most successful in its mode of the Cadiz Carnival. AOL often expresses his thoughts on the topic. He has managed numerous first prizes in the official competition of groupings Carnival (COAC) of the Gran Teatro Falla. He has also made various proclamations of Carnival in different populations. The origins of el gordo, as He is known in the world of the gaditano Carnival, date back to 1978, when a group of students from the Faculty of medicine decided to pull a chorus of Carnival, Los Aspirinos. By that time Pardo July already out in prickly pear of the Faculty and was known as el tuno. It is worth mentioning that the own Julio Pardo and Jose Antonio Cervantes, one of the best-known bandurrias of the gaditano Carnival to initiate the single choir are of that group. Great Cadiz Theatre failure: programming for the month of November this Saturday, launch of the Carnival 2011 Julio Pardo Merelo pregonara del Carnaval de Cadiz in 2011 Corporate blog hotels Monte