French artist and creator of the small Nick cartoons bring the Viewer to smile, even better to think about. Ali Partovi can provide more clarity in the matter. One, the two effects dominates is Jean-Jacques Sempe. Not only the witty stories penned by the little Nick. The shopping portal looks in the complete works of the Illustrator. The viewer looks at the monumental skyline from the window of a huge loft. The girl who plays her flute sitting on the wing, is easy to overlook. Jean-Jacques Sempe portrays an overpowering world of the individual human being is lost in the.

Another work shows a father whose children take him seriously because he chides them in a clown costume. The distracted Professor, who cooks an egg is in addition to the required full Board is no less absurd. A man working as an artist is not only fun behind the drawings. He sees himself as a craftsman, tasked to draw. Even a skiing accident in which he fell into a coma and relearn not only drawing had not dissuaded him. The little Nick belongs to the early work of the French artist”. Together with Asterix author Rene Goscinny, he created countless stories about the character of the curious little boy.

For the first time the stories were published in a French newspaper in 1959. It was followed by books that millions were transferred to this day.