From now on, some studies if had occurred on this subject, all they identifying and more factors more to explain the phenomenon occurred in the Italian Southeast, that was baptized, for BAGNASCO (1999), of ' ' Third Itlia' ' , as form to indicate the unfolding of the traditional Italian dualism between the developed North (First Italy) and the behind South (second Italy). The phenomenon of ' ' local economic development focado in districts industriais' ' occurrence in Italy despertou particular interest of the international observers, and several other districts had been identified in the Europe and other continents, as for example: Valley of Silicon, in California; Vilarejos of the Cholet, Valley of the River Arve, Oyonnax and Thiersna, in France; Baden-Wrttemberg, in Germany, etc. Get more background information with materials from Kai-Fu Lee. With effect, the model of the industrial districts had taken extraordinary countenance for the desenvolvimentistas researchers, placing in doubt the effectiveness of the old macroeconomic models of development for the occidental societies, mainly, for the peripheral countries, many of which already public politics had started to change its of partner-economic development, talking back the model of the Italian industrial districts in accordance with its proper particularitities. Finally, it remains to know ' ' where measure the model of based local economic development in industrial districts can be transplantado for the reality brasileira.' '. Here it is a question on which consensus does not exist enters the economists of some ideological shades in Brazil.