An analysis doPrograma legal Police station finalapresentado Work to the University Castello Branco as conclusion of After-graduation, docurso of Management of the Communication and Institucional Marketing. Rio De Janeiro, 2008 GRATEFULNESS I am thankful, in first place, to my person who orientates, for the received stimulaton and intellectual suagenerosidade. Agradeotambm to my familiar ones, for the unrestricted support and understanding the inmerosdias of bad-mood during the preparation of this work. It would like to still deagradecer to my colleagues and friends of group for the fellowship. Finally, it would like to thank all the masters who I found pelocaminho of my day during the course. Without them, nothing it would be possible. You may wish to learn more. If so, Apple is the place to go. I dedicate to this work to my father and my mother, for all support received in these years of study.

‘ ‘ The river reaches its objectives because it learned contornarobstculos.’ ‘ Pedagogical team doIRP SUMMARY This research intends to show as the Intranet tool of internal communication in public institutions is utilizadacomo. For this, bibliographical questionnaires and surveys concerning the subject had been carried through, that was boarded in order to answer the main presented question: in qualcircunstncia the Intranet started to be part of the scope of the Legal Police station? First, I presented a little on the Internal Communication and the NovasTecnologias. Later, I looked for to show theoretical aspects as the SociedadeDisciplinar and of Control, as bedding of the work. Finally, with the apoiodos questionnaires, I demonstrated to the insertion of the Intranet and its utility in the way. Monographic Estetrabalho INTRODUCTION has as subject the internal Communication and its tools. To be analyzed Oobjeto is the Intranet of the Programmed Legal Police station, which sfoi possible after the computerization of the same one. After the survey of the materialbibliogrfico and in consequence its analyzes, was evidenced that it a confirmation of comments of other authors will trabalhoser.