Chapter 5 Well, the great moment arrived at last: Daniel in a headboard, Jorge in the other, Teresa and Felcia in the laterals. All without skill, each one waiting the other to start, if to open. He was Teresa whom he initiated, as he could not leave of being. Genuine, impulsive, fast and determined. He served a slice of pizza to the husband and later the o Jorge. When he was for serving the Felcia, he raised the cup, for a toast, saying: – To convivncia, to our friendship, to our future, any that it is! I must inform that we, the women, decide to move of life.

We are tired of its indifference, we want of the life the slice that fits in them! Interrogative looks. Dull expressions in the faces of the two. Emudeceram. The yoke of the Daniel was motionless in air, with a stuck pizza piece, in unstable balance; the chin of the Jorge was fallen, in the limit of the passage Finally, the dumb question was changedded into voice: – What this wants to say? -> answered calmly Teresa that vocs two goes to move of house. The Jorge goes to live here with me and the children, and You, Daniel, go to take account of the Felcia and the Gregorio. – To move? the two spoke together, without obtaining to discover if it was a trick or what it had of serious. – It is simple: It confesses, Daniel continued Teresa – You always looked at for the Felcia with an immense will. He does not deny, does not lie, because we are two, here, to confirm.

I saw and it also saw. The Jorge only is that not. – But the Jorge looked in the same way for the Teresa continued Felcia – in the two we also saw this.