The market of privately sold real estate notes to support your sales efforts is still large. Reason enough, to those who do without professional assistance from a real estate agent would like to give some useful pointers. Seller should observe the following points in its efforts: 1) you do not use on a single marketing channel. Both Internet and print and personal marketing are important. (2) not only brokers can create an expose, also you should bother, your prospective buyers to give the data to your object black and white. (3) when your ads on it, to keep the object description free of subjective opinions. It don’t care what you have experienced in the real estate the future owner. (4) bidders will have objections.

This is completely normal and is not aimed against you as a person. Can remember no concern, and prepare properly on these objections. You should always Answer have. (5) consistency is everything. Turn your ads regularly, and provide timeliness of data and images. Stay on the ball. Call your prospective buyers after seeing on (if they are unable to sign after a certain time), and to press.

(6) bring your real estate in shot. Provide order, and renovate, if necessary. The costs incurred by a renovation, are worthwhile in any case. It is a faster sale or a higher price, you can achieve. (7) ensure that if possible, alone lead you interested persons, through the object. Not too many people, except the interested parties, should be in the object. To avoid errors and unpleasant situations during the tour. 8), when viewing appointments to schedule this at reasonable times of the day. In particular the three L BBs are important: light, noise, and air should at the time of the visit to your advantage fail. (9) at the end decides (almost) always the prize. Provide for a fair market price. This is typically not: the price you paid, plus a premium, so it is well worth the price you need, because it is the financing of the next object based, the price achieved by an object in the neighbourhood, the price my neighbors or relatives. You need to calculate the market price. (10) look at is exactly, what is offered on the market in your area to comparable objects. Interested parties will inspect all of this real estate and visiting your object provide arguments for the real estate alongside and against your in the room. This you should know and do away with the necessary sales skills out of the way. (11) for the case that an interested party become the potential buyer, you should all necessary documents sorted and in printed version as well as digital ready. (12) before it goes to a notary, you sure check the creditworthiness of the purchaser. You rely in the Joy noise, caused by the commitment, not on oral statements such as: I got the money in cash. I pay cash. The funding is available. The financing is not a problem. Need more proof, and can check the credit rating by an independent third party. I wish you all the best and much success in the sale of your property. Should you easier imagined selling a property have, it is perhaps better, to hire a real estate agent of you can trust with the marketing. This won’t cost you a penny.