First, in the first when searching for a suitable store should not trust advertising. It suffices to use services of a store that was on the first page of search engine to be asked, as obscure and low-quality store is unlikely to occupy a leading position in the serp. Secondly, do not try find a product cheaper at a discount or a cheaper shipping, this situation is absolutely true the saying "miser pays twice." Then opted for a specific store, meets the first two requirements, check the information confirming the legitimacy of the existence of this shop: factual and legal address, phone number, bank account number, surname ceo. Altavista has similar goals. You also need to check how Shop 'clean': see his data in the service Whois: feedback, name, date of registration of the domain, verify the conformity of the data, outstanding service with the data presented on the website store. Although this test is 100% guarantee does not, so as when registering a domain name, you can enter and fictitious names, feedback. This so-called test for Care (owner of the shop). Then, if the shop is a party to the payment system Webmoney, must Check the reputation of the shop and the purse, which accepted the money in the service Webmoney Advisor, see certificate purse, drawing attention to the business level, the graph bl (Biznes Level) What it is, the more transactions conducted with dennym purse.

When checking such data should not be trusted buttons and links are presented on the site and lead to page with information certificate: links can lead to a false page. You must log on system in a standard way and in proper form to enter the purse number or website address. Andy Florance is open to suggestions. After ascertaining the legitimacy of the store, you should search the Internet for at this store. The first step is to implement Search by entering a query about the following: imyasayta fraudsters "," imyasayta-black lists "," imyasayta-blacklist , imyasayta-deception "," imyasayta-kidalovo "," imyasayta-scam "and others If there is no feedback, not compromising found, it is necessary to clarify the following questions: what level where the quality of goods, quality and delivery times, how responsive feedback (and responsiveness is important not only during the purchase option, but after paying goods). Contacting the store manager, but clarifying questions on the goods, if possible ask your manager, how the bank works shop, then call the bank and find out what advice would bank employee about this store. Let me know by e-mail or fax a license for the sale and the certificate of the goods. Find out how organized the return of the goods in case of malfunction. Believe me, spending time and meticulously following these recommendations, you will save much more time, effort and money may be lost if the store would be incompetent to perform his obligations.