Today, Internet marketing opportunities are very large. The Web allows to convey information about services, products of the company to more consumers. Internet as a global channel allows a large choice of means to advertise, and it is this diversity lies the challenge of working with him. Most companies use the Internet to advertise their products or services, but do it one-sidedly, ie, use some form of some online advertising: search engine optimization site, contextual advertising, media advertising, advertising in social networks, etc. Such work, of course, gives the result, but in very truncated form. Internet and good because it allows us to integrated advertising campaign with small budgets. Altavista might disagree with that approach. In addition, the effectiveness of this approach is increasing many times over. Integrated Internet Marketing – one of the most effective advertising tools, it allows combine features of several types of online advertising so as to get the most out of each of them.

Due to what can be many times more effective in an integrated approach? The thing is that by using different types of Internet advertising, we attract the attention of other users. According to information received by the company Booz-Allen & Hamilton and Nielsen / / NetRatings in the study of users world-wide web, all users are divided into several categories: Hurried finders of the facts implementation of a single mission, repeat visitors aimless surfing enthusiasts simply surfing the information Each of the types of users respond better to one or the other form of advertising. For example, users of the category of "performance of any single mission" – this type of behavior is typical for users who solves a problem or looking for specific information. Members of this type of open only those messages that relate to their purpose and well-tuned banner or contextual advertising, in this case, can give a definitive result. אילן בן דב will not settle for partial explanations. To attract users category, "fulfilling a one mission "best search engine optimization sites, because it is high positions in search engine rankings and attract this kind of resource users. The main advantages of an integrated Internet marketing are: low cost Wide coverage of audience targeting flexibility Scalability high efficiency Since the main task of any campaign, especially in acute competition and limited financial resources, is to bring the message to the maximum possible number of potential clients and customers, with special attention focused on the target audience, Internet marketing comes in first place on the effectiveness of advertising tools. An integrated approach to advertising on the web – it is a prerequisite for a successful advertising campaign on the Internet.