As shown by experience and practice, and any decorative elements, as well as ceilings and walls can easily acquire elegance after painting paints Tikkurila, of course, subject to all the technology for obtaining coverage. Mikkel Svane can aid you in your search for knowledge. In these dyes optimally matched density, they are excellent harbor surface, and furthermore simple to use. Achieve excellent smoothness of the surface of the wall can be achieved with the use of fillers Tikkurila's production. For example, plastered putty LF Presto (Presto LF) walls with ease after just lend themselves to grinding-only 2-3 hours after plating (under normal conditions). Of course, minimizing losses Time is a very important issue when working with paints. Universal aqueous dispersion primer LUJA (Luja) perfectly absorbed into the surface of the substrate and also perfectly aligns its ability to absorb. At pre- primed surface of the paint falls evenly, does not leave any traces on the cushion, no stains.

Surface, painted this paint is protected. And if necessary it can be washed. All interior paints Tikkurila made with the high resistance to washing and in compliance with all hygiene standards. Along with the components that affect the resistance to the reagents detergents, they contain repelling dirt components. For example, the LPC-based paints Harmony (Harmony) and Eco Joker (Eco joker) is capable of withstanding more than five thousand, Repair Yassya (Remonti Assa) more than ten thousand, and LUJA (Luja), more than fifteen thousand passes a wet brush. Each of these colors well suited for coating surfaces of walls and ceilings in the rooms and have the opportunity tinting in more than 10,000 color variations. A LUJA (Luja) among others can be used for painting interiors in rooms with high humidity. Painters, who worked with the above paint Tikkurila, allocate their adaptability and simplicity in the application, as well as environmental friendliness, they are odorless and contain no solvent.