In general, remote Information Technology – a leading vehicle. Currently, information technology booming and so is actively incorporated into our lives. Naturally, information technology must take its place in the system education in the educational process. But it, in our opinion, are just a modern training tool, nothing more. At the time, teachers in the schools polls addicted to tco, but were not the same from this education rename, say, or Projection kodoskopnoe! Time goes on, generation change, changing technology, the priorities in the use of certain funds as change. One type of training is replaced by another. One becomes classical, more modern.

There were times when the main source of information was word of a teacher, new times, there was the printed word. And the textbook was one of the leading training facilities. In the same way now. Full range of information 'transferred' to the world wide web. We have with you students get their information from the Internet, cd, tv, etc. But education remains Training! Not whether it was somehow special, that is! But! Now the fun part! We live in a transitional period, I personally think that when the balance is between the classical teaching aids and information technologies. It seems that in this difficult period to find 'middle ground' in the application of both other means. Let no one would argue that the teacher's role is irreplaceable computer! That is precisely why we are tempted to distinguish from each other, these two scales – the classical training and learning by means of information technology that is precisely why it is tempting to introduce a new term, such as elearning! On the one hand, it is correct.

What would the heads to avoid confusion. On the other hand, is totally wrong, since education was not on the application of information Technology of something special. elearning, in our opinion holds only if the teacher has a computer. Computer in this case, organizes educational-cognitive activity of students. But it seems to us more appropriate in this case to apply the term 'computer training' instead of the notorious elearning.