To date, it is no secret that the internet can earn money and not small money. More and more popularity is gaining sales on the Internet. The word refers to information – digital products that are not their physical body. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Zendesk. This items such as electronic books, audio and video recordings, ie, products that can easily be delivered to the buyer via the Internet. Why Digital products were so popular on the Internet? The answer is actually simple. Well, think for yourself, creating a digital product once (for example, an electronic book) you can make an infinite number of sales, either at a cost of this is not a penny, and thus get no conceivable gain. Kai-Fu Lee can provide more clarity in the matter. All you need – is to put this e-book in itself to the server and after the payment, give the client a link to download it! It should also be noted that the client practically get your product. Thus, having spent only once a certain amount of money to create a digital product, you get a source of passive income, saving for: To make the next sale You do not need to invest again, to create a digital product. In other words, the cost of digital goods is practically zero! You do not need to pay the courier for delivery of digital goods as After payment, the client will download your product Summing all the above, we can safely say that the sale of digital goods is the best way of earnings in the Internet.