iSM – Institute for System-Management GmbH receives first Cloudkunden the personnel management-Qualitas-work company is first pilot customer of identity & access management (IAM) solution from the cloud of the iSM – Institute for System-Management GmbH in Rostock. The Rhineland-Palatinate company would like to use for the management of their competences and resources as a service from the cloud IAM. In this case, relies on the 13-year experience of software company in the IT security area Qualitas, either in development or in numerous practical projects. We already have some public cloud – applications in use and now hope for an improved and safer management of all company resources”, Marcel Sohn, Managing Director of Qualitas work GmbH. The application process for roles and systems should be for this purpose among others used, as well as the pool resources management to avoid the sprawl of shares in Sharpoint or filespaces both in the self-service process.

Even if companies the use of IT services in the cloud always still restrained look, is to assume that this behavior will change dramatically in the near future. Especially certain infrastructure services, as well as processes of Office communication and collaboration, which do not directly affect the company’s business and production processes will migrate to the cloud, “as Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerd Rossa, CEO of iSM.

BI-cube anywhere is the latest development of the Rostock company iSM. With this IAM Cloudlosung, the enterprise corresponds to the desire of many companies, mainly from the middle class. With applications from the cloud they are enables, to use complex applications for their own operation they can provide the necessary resources (staff, skills, costs) or want to. The user companies can use directly IAM or IAM related services from the safe cloud of the provider, without reserve and supervise the system itself in its system landscape: thus the high implementation and staff effort eliminates the installation and the conventional operating directly in the company usually associated… Also can be individual-IAM stages or services introduced gradually (so gently migrated”), which greatly supports the practical introduction. The iSM, a specialist software developer, services although its first cloud customers directly, would however continue to focus on the development of IT security solutions and sees itself not as a data center, or service provider. Therefore the service in the future through trusted service providers from the trusted is planned,”cloud to offer. Interested parties can request more information, as well as access to a SaS platform, where they bi-cube can experience anywhere and even try on the following Web page: