Much of the huge international aid after tragedies such as the earthquake in Haiti or Pakistan’s floods never reaches its destination; even the channeled through more serious organizations. I couldn’t check it in 1993 in the camp of the UN in bosnia of Metkovi municipality, where I saw rots belongings donated by the Archdiocese of Toledo. As the former President of Congress reasoned, Manuel Marin, 40 per cent of the current aid to the third world stays on the road. That, I say, happens in the best of scenarios due to inefficiency, corruption and disorder innate to the human condition. this idea. Apart, of course, are cases of fraud: three years ago live in Spain the appropriation of funds by the maintainers of the Anesvad NGO and Intervida and, in France, the disgusting kidnapping and trafficking of African children by Zoe’s Ark. Now, after the release of Roque Pascual and Albert Vilalta, has reopened the debate about the frivolity of many NGOs probably expendable. Has what he served the adventure of the two collaborators but to enrich and re-arm the terrorists who hijacked them? There are already quite a few official agencies and serious humanitarian organizations to create others whose objective, in many cases, is only fishing for grants. Support, well, already the existing so they can overcome their deficiencies; and those seeking exotic experiences that remain in the country helping dependents, collaborating in extinguishing forest fires, giving classes to immigrants and other thousand solidarity actions more..