That's the way human psychology: once in our life slips something new, we will compare this "new" to something already existing. Consequently make mistakes in the assessment, as they say, this "Know-how." Has not been spared this phenomenon and the perception of distance learning (DL). Most Russians identify with distance education correspondence courses. And profoundly mistaken. They can not identify. We will understand and put everything on the shelves.

First. It should be all the same to that used three basic forms of training: 1 – Full-time, 2 – pm, 3 – Correspondence. Relatively more recently appeared in Russia looked as distance learning (or online training). Consequently, to date, these forms of four. As for full-time and evening classes, then all is clear. "Ochniki" are engaged in high school in the morning, afternoon, "vecherniki" – at a later time.

Those and other attend classes during the semester, and then pass the session. Let us dwell on the external and remote forms. Second. Part-time attendance involves the student in the walls of the school, visiting couples (though not all semester, but only twice a year, on the 21st day). Therefore, to equate distance learning possible for full-time, rather than to distance. While studying remotely, the student is engaged at home via the Internet. He does not need to spend time and money for a trip to the University (or tutor). Communication with the teacher performed on the virtual platform. Classes are held at a convenient time student, the program is unique, homework time negotiated with the teacher. And the third. Distance learning – is an independent form of learning. The teacher plays the role of an assistant here (remote tutor). The course takes place on individual terms. Convenience – one of the important criteria. No need to rush anywhere, it is possible to understand the confusing questions, to stop them in more detail, and a lighter topic go faster. Plus distance education in the fact that teacher develops creative thinking, fosters independence in learning. Modern society requires a good knowledge in Internet technologies. Online training is developing technically human! Work is in necessary for the student rate. Continuous, systematic interaction between teacher and students, and students together can spend hours studying the benefit of, the moral satisfaction, more productive! Main differences and similarities between distance learning and POs are clear. Try it yourself remote pass rate! Then your life becomes more interesting! You will improve with each passing day!