Honda cars are famous for 'hot' character, good quality and reliability. A company's most popular model – Civic – yet different and affordable price. The seventh generation Honda Civic was first released in the fall of 2000. At the initial stage started selling sedans and two-door coupe in America, and after going on the European premiere of a sedan. A few months later went on sale five-door hatchback. Buyers in Europe, but these modifications have been proposed and a 3-door version, poyavivshiyasya only in the second half of 2001. And all models are hatchbacks were produced in England. By Russian Civic dealers enrolled in early 2001, a full set of modifications of bodies (except convertible).

All version, except trehdverki in Russia comes from Japan. Here hondovskie marketers have calculated correctly – for the Russians is very important that their own vehicle assembly, and most preferred body – sedan or hatchback with five doors. However, over the past couple of years, when the dollar depreciated significantly against the euro, many came out of Civic America. They are attractive in price, but on a technical condition is often inferior to maschinam, bought new in Rossii.Pyatidverka not less spacious than the sedan, but the trunk is more practical. It is the largest base, so more good ride unlike their predecessors of the seventh generation Honda Civic is quietly, one might even say, for home, car, endowed drayverskogo ambitions. Moreover, under the respectable appearance of the sedan and five-door hatchback guise minivenistym is one of the most spacious car interior-class golf.