Furniture, fabrics, dishes should also be smooth and shiny. Shine as it increases the space adds a light, creates a sense of sterility. This is quite contribute and mirrors. Instead of the standard curtains and curtains better hide from the sun with plastic or metal blinds. Well enliven interior hi-tech large impressive aquarium with exotic inhabitants. Lighting hi-tech It is true chosen lighting is one of the most important points in creating the interior style of hi-tech.

Mounted in the ceiling, walls and even flooring light sources, create the effect of a spacious, well-lit room. LED modules are ideal, convenient for embodiment in the life of any zadumok designers. Changing the intensity and mode of emission can be achieved fantastic effect "living light". Modules can be built into the walls, floor, ceiling space, also with the possibility of adjust color, brightness, and the rate of emission. Besides the general light, which provides the main source of high-tech provides all kinds of additional lighting. Harmoniously here will look shiny modern lamps on brackets, supports, and set into the furniture. String lights and different tension systems are ideal for high-tech interior. Tension system can simulate space Calling attention to one subject and hiding in the shadow of others. Using string lights, you can visually divide the room into functional areas, creating a boundary between the kitchen and the dining room or living room and bedroom, having achieved with the incredible lightness and flexibility. Fixtures in high-Teke is fertile ground for technological aesthetics, the kingdom of metal and plastic materials, simple shapes and lines, perfect ergonomics and functionality.