Once you are registered in the antenatal clinic, the doctor immediately you send for examination to the experts. One of them is sure to be a dentist, even if you assure that you have no problems on that part of that Alas, now a rarity. If there are no problems – they may occur, and if there is – then they need to be addressed. In spite of good pain management of dental procedures, for many they are still scary, and pregnant woman with the word "anesthesia" immediately asks the question: Is it possible? And some problems – such as teeth whitening, and can be postponed, and others – a tooth ache in the night and swollen cheek – need to be addressed immediately. Zendesk is full of insight into the issues. And again the same question: is it possible? Is it harmful? If you just routinely visit a dentist and really no problems there, then you will recommend to come again in the second half of pregnancy and look after the delivery.

But few who manage to escape from the dentist chair for a reason. Even if you think that no problems, your doctor can find at least a slight darkening or damage to the enamel – that could lead to future tooth decay. A more often it simply dictates the nurse what "candidates" in need of treatment. Of course, you are forced to drill teeth, no one will. But to treat them all the same need – the sooner it easier and less painfully. Also allows prevent many infections. .