Each of us had to seek the services of paid medical services. However, there are several options of payment for these services: – personal doctor – through cash payment of medical institutions – under the policy VHI – Voluntary Health insurance. In the minds of many people have developed various myths – the best way to pay for medical services. Let's try to understand these judgments. The first myth to get to the doctor easier if you agree beforehand with him and pay for the services he personally can not get to see a doctor because of the long hours of queuing in the district clinics, encourages people to abandon free services of medicine. And some believe that it is better to agree in advance with physician for admission, pay the requested service and an appointment at your convenience. If payment of medical services over the counter medical center, you can also avoid the queues.

Most patients come to health clinics paid strictly in appointed time and get to a doctor without delay. The only inconvenience that may arise – a doctor who needs a patient may not always be free time, when it is needed the patient. LCA allows the policy patient and avoid the queues. He only need to contact the dispatcher to call the insurance company and a good time to visit. VMI advantage here is that the insurance company may send a client not a single clinic, and in any of those with whom it contracted. The second myth if we pay the doctor in his pocket, he's more closely involved in our treatment. The logic is simple – why pay cash in the medical institution if the same amount (or less) can be given right doctor.

But at the same time saving the patient forgets what happens when a medical error or the promise of treatment effect does not happen, on presentation of claims to health center and can be no question. The third myth In a personal payment easier to track the quality of medical services. When paying medical services over the counter on the basis of a written contract service quality is one of the most common violations – the appointment of extra research. Although the harm these studies and the procedure will not do, but take away a lot of time and money. If you pay under the policy of voluntary health insurance quality health care services controlled by the law of the insurance company. Treatment center receives the money only upon the delivery of health services. Experts estimate the services of the insurance company. The patient – the policy holder has no contractual LCA relationship with the medical institution, the agreement enters into an insurance company. She is responsible for the medical establishment, which has sent in his client. Myth Four When buying a policy LCA treatment will the most expensive. In case of voluntary health insurance lump sum payment may seem large, especially if the client will contact the clinic often. At the same time, unforeseen circumstances (injury, unexpected illness, surgery, the need for the treatment of an individual house) payment for services in cash may well exceed the amount of the policy LCA. At the same time, insurance groups, when a large number of insured people, voluntary health insurance provides discounts and value of the policy LCA will not be too high.