Hair removal hurt? The modern woman considers it a myth! Today we can look your best without pain, modern medicine offers us many ways to have a smooth, soft skin, touch is like silk. Among methods of skin care should be provided especially hair removal – a method of removing unwanted hair on the skin. Grandma’s methods in the past. For even more opinions, read materials from Viacom. Today we can look at beauty clinics and undergo this unpleasant procedure without feeling little or no discomfort. Genetec has similar goals. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the choice of method of hair removal, because they there are so many and they differ not only the methodology of, but at the cost, time spent on the procedure and the amount of money. The most appropriate and affordable for today, in our opinion, the method of hair removal is laser hair removal. It is relatively inexpensive, painless procedure, which in addition same during the passage of a full course of procedures ensures complete freedom from unwanted body hair.

This procedure applies ultramodern technique – a powerful laser beam acting on the hair follicle destroys the melanin layer, and then there is a ruined hair follicles are no longer growing. In order to get rid of unwanted hair is enough to 10 treatments, but at the same time, the skin needs extra care, both before and after the procedure. One of the main drawbacks of this method of hair removal is its high cost, why would we not called for ads, this is one of the most expensive procedures, often not accessible to most women. Alternative laser hair removal can serve photoepilation. This procedure is similar, according to the principle of a laser hair removal, it also aims at the destruction of the hair follicle, but not a laser, and the sources of light radiation of high power.

Melanin layer is heated and destroyed. This procedure as well as laser hair removal is painless and safe, will not take you long. Especially these hair removal methods are effective in “sensitive” areas where “Home” hair removal methods are painful and dangerous. For example, in the bikini area. To ensure that your expectations from the procedure were not overshadowed by anything, you need the right approach to the selection of the clinic, which will entrust their bodies to the procedure. A very important point is the professionalism of the clinic, and the requirements for hygiene and sanitation, be sure to ask how often such a procedure in this clinic, in what equipment, and what qualifications a specialist, who will you serve, remember you are buying a service!