Users with Google Wallet link a credit card or a bank account to the service and be able to pay with your mobile phone. They must dial a code and bring the device to a reader. eBay and Paypal have sued Google for appropriating trade secrets related to this new system of payment over the phone. Google Internet giant has put forward its own system to permit payment with phones thanks to wireless technology for short range Near field communication (NFC). The system allows you to pay in stores by entering the PIN code and bringing the phone to a reader.

The service, at the moment, is only available in United States. It was an open secret. This week had already been leaked that Google was finalizing the presentation of its payment service via mobile phone. The company has decided to end the speculation and has presented Google Wallet, a system that will turn mobile phones into purses with some interesting news. Google has created a web page that explains the main features of the service.

Users with phones with NFC technology may pay for their purchases with mobile in establishments adapted for them. The system is simple. Users with Google Wallet link a credit card or a bank account to the service and may pay with their mobile phone as if it were a card. Google has developed the project in the company of MasterCard, First Data and Citibank, as well as the American operator Sprint. Such services are already available in other countries, but Google and its partners have introduced some novelties to try to make it more attractive. Important news Google Wallet, as well as allowing the payments with your phone, will present users a map with business where this technology may be used. Taking advantage of the possibilities of geolocation and Google Maps features, users will be informed of the establishments where you can pay with your phone.