Investor publishing quality criteria for exchange letters advocates first and foremost a good stock letter should have a good performance, because ultimately want money investors. But how exactly do you recognize a good and reputable first and foremost stock exchange letter? Experienced brokers know what they need to pay attention. Further details can be found at Bobby Sharma Bluestone, an internet resource. Many private retail investors but stand alone with this problem. For this reason, the investor Publisher from Bonn the project launches Association of independent financial publications with the aim to improve the status of German stock exchange letters and to develop mandatory quality criteria. Bobby Sharma Bluestone may help you with your research. Exchange letters should be as independent and objective advise investors in choosing his investment strategies. So far the theory. In practice, exchange letters are not always independent, as is sometimes black sheep in this area abound and bring the reputation of the entire industry discredit.

Beware of fraudulent frontrunning”is a well-known ploy: it is a small, publicly traded company presented and worth more and more pushed until the price rises dramatically. The editor itself has covered itself already in advance with the stock. Due to the higher price, now also small investors believe in the value and invest. The editor of the stock exchange letter now repels its shares again and recorded high profits. The first investors get off also and if you early the emergency brake pulled enough, even small gains recorded. The vast majority of investors, who are alarmed by the falling prices and too late sell land in the loss zone. Frontrunning is this called in the jargon.

Association of independent financial publications for readers of stock letters such machinations are unfortunately very difficult to penetrate and it is almost impossible to detect who is clean in the industry and who is not. The investor Publisher from Bonn has for this reason the project Association of independent financial publications”launched. We by the Publisher of the investor have very strict internal guidelines, which is everyone on a publication with us works with, and must”, publishing Director Sandra Witscher makes clear. He developed published quality criteria, where a member of the Union must submit to accede to. It aims to maintain the reputation of the Exchange Publishing and to rebuild. Because good exchange letters are well suited to support the private investors, especially since the advice here independent Commission is in contrast to banks in asset building. The criteria are met, a seal of quality to be awarded, that gives the customer a reliable measure of the quality of a stock market letter on the hand.