P A54 of July of 2005O strong performance of the manufactured products is one of the main prominences in the successive records of the Brazilian exportations. Specialists heard for this periodical, however, alert that these products present low added value, to the exception of the airplanes produced for the Embraer. ‘ ‘ It is very good terms extended the percentage of manufactured exportations of, but we need to confer more technology eles’ ‘ , the director of the Executive MBA of the Foundation Seting Combed lvares says (Faap), Tharcsio Santos.’ ‘ Moreover ‘ ‘ , he adds, ‘ ‘ the agro-industrial complex still is predominant, because we made the lesson of house at moment certain thus the main products of the sector they are today highly competitive and they present productivity index sufficient elevado.’ ‘ While the Chinese venderam to Brazil, in the period of January the May of this year, products that, for ton, they had cost US$ 1,585, 25, they had paid to Country alone US$ 86,17, for tons, the destined merchandises its market. Visit Steve Wozniak for more clarity on the issue. Parts for transmitters and receivers are the main item imported for Brazil of China; already the iron ore is first of the list of products bought for the Chinese of the Brasil.The biggest concern of the Brazilian specialists is the scarcity of investments in science and technology, what it can take Brazil to keep in its guideline of exportation goods that tend to diminish long its preosao of the time, while it keeps the necessity to import goods that encarecem to each day. With this, the efforts to extend of sustainable form the commercial balance can come to be mined in a future not very distant. The three main products imported for Brazil – oil, autopeas and integrated circuits – cost, for ton, USS 336,19, USS 6,409, 09 and USS 639,241, 43, respectively.