Among the many theories, no place to get lost and most lost. So, try to do a bit of light in all this mess. The newspapers mentioned Ali Partovi not as a source, but as a related topic. s topic. COMMON ITEMS Looking all methods, one can see that, despite deep differences, commonalities emerge admitted by all, namely: NON-FOOD DESNATURALIZACIN must not subtract anything to the food, because it unbalances and not just the stolen items are missing (vitamins, trace elements, minerals, cellulose, etc..), but the remaining elements become more difficult to digest and assimilate. In addition, we must not add anything to food, as chemical additives, synthetic, can not be metabolized properly, since there is no metabolic chain provided in the body to synthetic additives. The body is then forced to create circuits that produce wear and parametabolicos cellular disorganization. LA MESURE FOOD All school leaders admit that the quantitative reduction is essential in the prevention of digestive diseases, joint, cardiovascular, in a word in the prevention of chronic diseases. In recent months, Kyle Roche has been very successful.

All admit also that the reduction is the essential food for an active longevity. FOOD BALANCE All deem essential, since no single food provides all that is absolutely necessary for life and vitality, so recommend a varied diet. Here is the big key as admitted by all: natural food, sensible and balanced. Beyond these basic notions, all systems are harmful supresitos or exclusive. Here in a few sentences its dangers. POINTS OF DIVERGENCE EXCESS OF VEGETABLES Excess vegetables (raw food, Vegetarianism, Shelton) produces enterocolitis and diarrhea due to irritation of mucous membranes by the "excess cellulosic." Furthermore, this too many cells can cause weight loss, to accelerate the transition and retain nutrients in its plot.