a complete control system for all high pressure fog applications through a variety of electronic interfaces FogControl fully meets the demands of modern communication and thus covers a gap in the market in this area, such as E.g. remote maintenance via Web interface, and UMTS direct connection with USB stick data and error log and software updates,. The visualization of high pressure fog system in the operating mode is possible by the new system at any time and from anywhere with Internet access. In the future she can be equipped the control FogControl in addition with an odor sensor. Thus, it is possible to resolve odors and pollutants such as ammonia with a high pressure fog system and a smell Binder directly into the air.

The high-pressure fog systems to more gentle work even more efficient and resources, was the development of the intelligent control FogControl “and the high-quality sensor FogSensor ” forced by raintime. The controller FogControl “by raintime” exceeds the currently available devices on the market by far, because the control unit produced by raintime can control several different areas (zones) with sensors and about modern BUS data connection simultaneously, and this is merely a high pressure pump necessary. All applications from air humidification, dust and odour-binding and cooling can be covered more so in the future with a control unit (FogControl) to 100%. Also, the efficiency of an existing high pressure fog system by 20% will increase simply compared to conventional controllers. The remote access or remote maintenance is more unique advantages over the competition via Internet and network connection. All relevant data can be freely stored and maintained by the PC. Existing high-pressure fog systems are now easy to upgrade with the new control unit. Operate a high pressure fog system is simplified by the new central control.