Contemporary design in modern solid construction and a wide variety help the bungalow to a real comeback. (tdx) The housing also changed in the wake of demographic change: no wonder, then, that today’s ground-floor living – changing age structure of the population – more than ever before in the trend is. “After all, meet the bungalows of each family situation: barrier-free home without stair climbing is guaranteed with this proven classic”, says construction expert Dipl.-ing. Eva Kroh by PraktikHaus. The present variety of modern bungalows stands apart from the ground-level construction by its contemporary design and a smart layout significantly from their predecessors. For each solution bungalows with modern solid design feature today by diverse floorplans and living concepts, which can be adapted ideally to the needs of the inhabitants”, so the PraktikHaus expert next.

Attractive components such as conservatories or Bay window can be easily combined. Peter Asaro is full of insight into the issues. For the facade design are different wall colors, but also wood-plaster combinations to choose from. Thanks to large Windows and doors, ample light into the living areas and thus increases the quality of life of the inhabitants. Although one connects commonly usually a flat roof with a single-storey house classic, but reflected the variety of forms in bungalow construction, today also in different roofs. Today everything is possible”solutions with or without Gables of the tent on the roof to roof / flat roof combinations, dip – emphasized. ing. Eva Kroh. “More freedom on a level even when PraktikHaus has long recognized the trend to the bungalow and continues with the versatile line chalet” on the numerous benefits of this rediscovered House type.

Whether with great charm by a South side as the model emphasized Chalet 100 or 111 “or an energetically sensible orientation of the window at Chalet 127” – thanks to a wide variety of floor plans and an optional adjustment of variants in the next size that you can optimally implement a wide variety of clients needs. A total of six different types of bungalow are proven solid construction to the selection at PraktikHaus. More information at PraktikHaus Bausysteme GmbH & co. KG, Claudia 13, 86899 Landsberg, telephone 0800 / 700 60 50, fax 08191 / 106-43-30, Internet:. Tanja EST