Decided to share his sarcastic humor and describe the main features of bad sites in a positive sense. Here we go! 1. Learn more on the subject from samsung. Your web site must be popap (For those who do not know, POP-UP – is a kind of advertising is one way of earning on the site)! Hear that? PLEASE! In this way you express respect for the visitors, after offering them additional information that they did not expect to get. And do not worry that visitor will not notice popap. Make it big – on the floor screen. Make it so that it should move with the scrolling, closing all the content (so it just noticed).

A close button make a small and inconspicuous. Or no install button closure. 2. Make way for any content, the long and thorny. That more clicks will be forced to make a visitor on his way to the desired content – that's better. It's relaxing. It helps to remember your web site.

A top skill is something when a visitor clicking on it would seem necessary to him the link goes in a completely unexpected place. The effect of surprise, so to utter. 3. If you use an image on the site – make them tiny and active. When a visitor clicks on this image – open the original in a separate (or popup) window. The trick lies in the fact that the original should be 5-8 pixels larger than reduced image. That is to say that neither on that nor anything else was impossible to understand.