C3MS systems can function as traditional CMS systems and collaborative weblogs. If all contributions are combined into a web site, a C3MS system can be used to create a thesaurus for a particular area. (For more detailed information about this type of CMS systems from a pedagogical point of view, see the excellent report 4.) 5 Systems WIKI – wiki systems invest the main characteristic of CMS systems: its nesting in the creation of content on the Internet. The basic principle of the wiki could be expressed with the following sentence: anyone can change anything. Learn more at: Viacom. -Take a look at Wikipedia, a joint initiative of encyclopedic dictionary located on the Internet. This common initiative began in January 2001 and currently includes 531.311 articles in English. The idea has been translated into 93 languages with at least one hundred of articles 22 of them already have over 10,000 articles and 8 related projects have emerged: Meta-Wiki, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikiquote and Wikisource. In addition, note that all this work is done in a voluntary and free.

-A CMS system wiki is a group of applications (WikiWebs), which uses a (different) special markup language into your editing system. The interface is extremely simple, which may be one of the main reasons for its rapid and wide distribution. -As well as the Groupware, the wiki is a collaborative software, but carried its maximum expression the concept of collaboration. The wiki went beyond the limits of a group specifically (everyone can collaborate from anywhere) and a clearly defined system of rights (anyone can write, add, revise, edit and even delete some article). Nobody owns the article logged. INTELLIGENT systems of E-LEARNING – an intelligent e-learning system is a technology Intelligent agent-based computing that enables extensive automation functions of the teaching-learning process and, therefore, that brings an added value both authors and recipients of educational content. -More specifically, it is a system / platform of teaching – learning on-line that allows to manage content, dosing them and adapt them flexibly, in keeping to the characteristics of learners and every moment within the teaching/learning process. Lic. Federico Gonzalez holds a degree in psychology, and Director of Intelligent Learning, which basic purpose offer knowledge of high quality and training of high performance in all business and educational and professional levels of the Spanish speaking world. Intelligent Learning provides these educational solutions in a simple, comprehensive, unified, and backed by international standards for the administration of learning systems..