The mission: more price transparency in hotel bookings in the power trip REBEL is a new online hotel booking portal with headquarters in Graz and Hamburg. The special thing about it: the price drops after booking, the customer gets back automatically the difference. Seeking to keep this promise, trip REBEL for each booking daily for cheaper deals. As soon as the price for the booked hotel rooms, the customer will be informed and will receive back 100% of the discount automatically. REBEL the idea to trip an issue arose against the backdrop of the strong price volatility in the travel industry and the lack of price transparency in the network that the three founders of trip REBEL to the heart is. The self-styled rebels with a mission”get well support in the field of communication the Frankfurt agency fame creative lab.

Mission by Karin de Carvalho and Isabell Bock, holders of fame creative lab, is to announce the innovative product on a large scale, so over-priced hotel rooms soon will be a theme of yesterday. creative fame Lab is a likewise young company like us. Both companies work with similar structures and rely on flexibility and creativity,”says Carlos Borges, REBEL contacts for marketing at trip. “The next three months until the end of the year we will use together with fame creative lab, trip REBEL to introduce the market and clearly communicate the benefits that we offer our customers.” The team of fame creative lab is very happy about the cooperation: REBEL trip is a product with which we totally can identify. The philosophy of us speaks from the heart and we are sure that the world will be just as excited about it as we are.” Learn more about trip REBEL and bookings at or on the blog at rebelswithacause. Note: Currently is the site of trip?REBEL still in the beta version while the basic features already available the customer, working at the same time on the full version that should go at the beginning 2014 live.

Feedback and suggestions are always Welcome. Creative lab fame about fame creative lab is the new agency for marketing, PR, sales and event based in Frankfurt am Main. The services of the Agency are aimed mainly to the tourism and lifestyle clients. The range of services the Agency covers the full range of communication and marketing services. Below-the-line measures such as event management are a particular focus. Cross branding or social media. More information at, on Facebook and Twitter.