Klare considers the unfolding permanent of the American naval force in Gulf, after the war of 1991, like example of the political priorities of Washington, but indicates that not only the USA tries to make sure their future power resources. Of there the support that it had of so many European countries that they could not subsist more than three months without the petroleum of the zone; still at the cost of maintaining feudal regimes that violate the human rights like in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates of the Gulf. The sea of Southern China – that according to seems lodges great petroleum reserves has transformed into the objective of new naval armament race of average dozen of countries that protest right exceeds he. But petroleum and the gas are not the unique resources that can be cause of conflicts. The fight by the fresh water can become critical in the next years in vast areas that extend from North Africa to southern Asia.

There are studies that demonstrate that, in the same Europe, they are being bought and privatizing all the hydric resources. The fluvial river basins where the situation is more serious they find in regions where the fast growth of the population presses the existing resources and the heating of the planet can aggravate the conditions of drought. As example we have the Nile, that flows from Ethiopia to Egypt, happening through Sudan; the Jordn, shared by Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and the National Authority Palestine; the Tigris and the Euphrates that flow from Turkey through Syria to Iraq; and the Indus, whose affluents cross parts of India and Pakistan. With the growth of the population and the consequent increase of the demand of water and foods, each one of the coastal states will try to use the resources available to the maximum, affirms Klare. and when the actions of one of those states bring about a diminution in the provision of some of the other, the conditions will be given for a conflict by the distribution of the water, adds. Mesopotamia, earth between rivers with rich earth and enormous possibilities of development, undergoes a diminution of the channel of the Euphrates and of Tigris. But already nobody ignores that in Turkey a formidable prey that comprise of a Machiavellian plan for, arrival are being constructed the occasion, to cut the water to one of the countries with majors reserves of a vital petroleum for the USA and the EU. The war by the water already has begun although still it is only spoken of hydrocarbons.

Like result, the conflicts will move more and more to regions with abundant natural resources, that had been forgotten during the cold war. The result, says Klare, is the new strategic geography, defined by the concentration of resources and not by the political borders. The States do not concern so much as the interests in this blind person scaled of the economic powers on the social ones. The human beings reduced to mere useful resources will suffer to be exploded.