1-Concept: the Environment of tests is ' ' local' ' that the system will be tested. It must incorporate everything that involves software and its functioning. As Bastos the 2007 definition of the environment involves: physical environment, people, the hardware, documentation, software, suppliments, net and interface. 2-Preparation: the Environment of tests must be planned in the definition of the strategy of tests or in the plan of tests. How much bigger the level of the tests to be applied, more the environment of tests will have to be capable to reproduce the characteristics of the production environment. 3-Creation: the Creation, for the team of tests, of an isolated environment, organized, representative and measurable guarantees the discovery of real errors, that is, those that really would occur in the production and that they had not been discovered in time of the most important development and, it offers to the guarantee of that did not have external influence. Another advantage is that the preparation of this isolated environment, liberates the development team to continue producing new codes, without damage to the integrity of the environment, exactly during the execution of the tests and make possible the accomplishment of the ones of iteration and system, in order to allow to the integration of the different layers and or environments. Characteristic 4-Main: isolated environment, with independent processing and similar components to the environment of development and production; Restricted environment to the team of tests; Creation of mass of test with known and representative data quantitatively and qualitatively, in order to take care of to the test scenes to be executed and to guarantee the covering of the code.