Do not become World Culture richer by the fact that a ‘little narodtse’ Irish legends and tragic knights Tolkien added charming eared anime elf? Of course, yes. And the Japanese samurai, and Japanese elves, and even Japanese cowboys – all of Japan’s contribution to the treasury of world culture. But to truly appreciate it, one must know not only the culture of the world ‘in general’, but also Japanese culture, including mass, ‘in particular’. Among other things, the anime and manga – a wonderful way to assess not only how contemporary Japanese express and experience their ancestral traditions, but also how the Japanese works reflect the motives and stories of other peoples. Click Robert Bakish for additional related pages. And does not the fact that the first is always interesting second.

Should be very familiar with Japanese language and literary theory, to really understand what the Japanese verse (and the Japanese mentality) is different from European. And to understand why the Japanese are different from Elf Tolkien’s elves, just look one or two series. And not the fact that you get only an intellectual pleasure. _ So, the anime and manga – a kind of ‘backdoor’ into the world of the Japanese consciousness. And going through this course, you can not only shorten the way, not forced his way through all the fences and ramparts, erected polutoratysyacheletney ‘high culture’ in Japan (the art of anime and manga so much younger, and there is less tradition), but to have considerable pleasure. Combining business with pleasure – what could be better? Now a few specific comments about the manga and anime separately.